Duncan Taylor Rare Auld Whisky - Cameronbridge - 30 Year Old

Duncan Taylor Rare Auld Whisky - Cameronbridge.  Buy Whisky On-linePrice: £ (to be updated, please contact us for details).

51.3% vol - 70cl

Rare Auld Single Malt and Single Grain

The critically acclaimed and award winning Rare Auld collection represents Single Malt and Single Grain Scotch whiskies of outstanding quality from Scotland’s prime whisky producing regions - Speyside, Islay, Highland, Island, Lowland and Campbeltown.

The majority of casks within this range are over 30 years old. They include a variety of cask types including Sherry, Port, American Oak Bourbon and wine.

The bottles come in gift boxes which are colour coded according to the region of origin (Speyside: green, Islay: navy blue, Highland: purple, Island: light blue, Campbeltown: brown, Lowland: red and Grain: maroon) with a special wooden gift box option also available.

The whiskies are bottled as single casks at cask strength with no chillfiltration or colouring. Each bottle of this collection is individually identified with information detailing the distillery and region or origin, distillation date, cask number, cask strength, date bottled
and individual bottle number from the limited number available
in each cask.

Each hand-selected cask is matured at the original distillery to allow it to age in the environment in which it was distilled. A cask is only bottled when it reaches its optimum age and quality.

Temporarily out of stock and price to be updated, but please Contact us to order.

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