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To help in the choice of your next Scottish whisky, we here at Mainly Wine and Whisky have created our own colour coded O'clock general whisky tasting guide based on time of day compliment to each whisky. Remember though that each palate is different so please no hate mail or legal proceedings if you find the taste differs in part to our rating or notes. Also, should you take your dram a tad earlier in the day then take heart and lose all those guilt feelings whilst you consider that the sun will be up over the yard arm somewhere in the world!!!!

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From 2 o'clock until 4 o'clock From 2 o'clock 'til 4 o'clock The lightest and freshest of whiskies. Smooth and delicate these can be taken as a mid summer's day afternoon nip or formal aperitif without fear of spoiling the rest of the day. A nice 2-to-4pm-ish! whisky - Lowlands fit in well here; try one also with the dessert course after evening dinner as well as mid afternoon.
From 4 o'clock until 6 o'clock From 4 o'clock to 6 o'clock Slightly heavier, with more body and much more going on taste wise. May find a little peat or smoke if you look carefully. Greater Speyside and Highland choices start to open up here. A nice 4-to-6pm ish! whisky - An Cnoc from Speyside or a Glenturret from the Highlands goes down well about this time in the evening.
From 6 o'clock until 8 o'clock From 6 o'clock until 8 o'clock Starting to crank up the old taste buds with the 6-to-8's. There is a lot more happening on the palate with these whiskies, A nice 6-to-8pm ish! whisky to as a pre-cursor to dinner or just a tasty early evening tipple.
From 8 o'clock until 10 o'clock From 8 o'clock until 10 o'clock Stronger, bolder & more complex tastes come through with the 8-to-10's that need a tad more time to explore. A very comfortable 8-to-10pm ish! whisky to compliment a main dinner course, try a Bowmore 15 yr old to really enhance the sea food dishes.
After 10 o'clock After 10 o'clock Get ready for a full on taste explosion with the 10up's. All are delicious big whiskies with lots and lots happening on the palate. These whiskies are wonderfully complex, full of both flavour and character but watch out for the Islay whiskies though. Definitely a 10pm on-wards whisky that is excellent as an after dinner malt or snuggled up late in the evening during the winter in front of the fire with the curtains closed and freezing weather outside.

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