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If you're in or around the historic market town of Bawtry near Doncaster in Yorkshire, then stop off, call in at your independent wine and whisky merchant and catch up on the latest news. For our opening hours and a map and directions on how to find us see our Contact Us page. 

Way back in 1213 Bawtry was granted its first charter and has remained a market town ever since. Visitors to the town often question the fact that Bawtry was a 12th century port in fact it was the third largest inland port in England!!

In 1379 Bawtry was a growing port and it continued to develop its river trade until 1777 when traffic bound for the Rivers Trent and Humber was re-routed onto the newly opened Chesterfield Canal- during the 12th century Bawtry was the third largest inland port in England!!

Just across from the shop you will find Bawtry Hall which was built in 1785 and became famous as Bomber Command for the RAF during the Second World War.  Two miles to the north you will find the old RAF Finningley which became the home of the Vulcan bomber for many years - and is now home to Doncaster's Robin Hood Airport.  Travel south from the shop and you will pass through Scrooby, which was the birthplace of William Brewster, who having sailed across the Atlantic to America in the Mayflower, became the religious leader of the Pilgrim Fathers.

More importantly in the heart of the town you will find our shop - your specialist wine and whisky supplier. Mainly Wine and Whisky reflects the breadth of wine and whisky production old and new with its diverse range of wines and whiskies from near and far. The shop is a place to browse and talk wine and whisky for as long it takes to make the right choice. Whether you know the favourite you're looking for or trying to find something to suit your taste, the stylish comfort of the shop and the quality of welcome makes shopping an extremely pleasurable experience.

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