Luxardo Passione Nera Sambuca

Luxardo Passione Nera Sambuca - Buy Spirits OninePrice: £19.66

38% - 70 cl

Country of Origin: Italy


A variation of the traditional Sambuca dei Cesari Luxardo. It is aromatised with liquorice, with a production recipe entailing several levels of successive infusions to blend the different ingredients. The predominant taste is star anise. However, it is combined with a new velvety sensation on the palate, with light spicy hints of cardamom and coriander, and an after-taste where the typical digestive aromas of liquorice predominate. It is neither an ordinary liquorice digestivo, nor a commonplace coffee-sambuca.


Colour: Purplish black
Perfume: markedly anise and liquorice
Taste: a typically Mediterranean taste, combining liquorice and anise.

Serving suggestions

Neat and chilled
On the rocks
In coffee
In cocktails
Over vanilla ice-cream. 

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