Paddy - 6 years old

Paddy 6 Years Old - Irish Whiskey - Whisky by mail orderPrice: £ (to be updated, please contact us for details).

40%vol - 70cl

Taste guide: 426

Paddy is one of Ireland’s favourite whiskeys and is the only major Irish whiskey to use single malt in its blend, thus creating its uniquely rich & mellow flavour. First distilled in 1779, the whiskey originally sold under the unlikely name “Cork Distilleries Company Old Irish Whiskey” until a young salesman by the name of Paddy Flaherty joined the company in 1881. Paddy was a larger than life character who became famous in his native county for standing rounds of his favourite whiskey. Over time, Paddy became synonomous with the whiskey and publicans began writing to the distillery asking for another case of “Paddy’s whiskey”. Despite frequent differences of opinion with his employers concerning his unconventional sales techniques, the “Paddy whiskey” name stuck so much so that in 1912, the distillery owners bowed to public pressure and officially changed the name to “Paddy Irish Whiskey”. It could only happen in Ireland! Paddy is now enjoying export success, and has become an iconic brand with night-clubbers in France.

How to enjoy:
Paddy’s mellow flavour means it can be enjoyed mixed in a long drink with cola, lemonade or ginger ale, or in the more traditional manner - neat, on ice, or with water.

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