Tyrconnell Malt

Tyrconnell Malt No age - Irish Whiskey - Whisky by mail orderPrice: £29.75

40%vol - 70 cl

Taste guide: 426

Tyrconnell is a historic Irish whiskey brand from the 1900’s that was named after a very famous racehorse that won a legendary race at odds of 100 to 1. Cooley is extremely proud of being able to resurrect Tyrconnell Single Malt and of keeping it independent, thereby enabling it to maintain its authenticity. The inspirational image of the Tyrconnell racehorse that so defied the odds can be still seen on the label to this day.

Nose:   Full and fruity aroma with a citrus spritzyness.

Taste:   A tang of oranges and lemons with a strong malt presence that balances well with the oily sweetness.

Finish:   A long finish with the malt becoming more dominant.

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