Antiquary 12 years old

Antiquary 12 Year Old - Blended Whiskies - Whisky by mail orderPrice: £34.50

40%vol - 70cl

Taste guide: 426

The Antiquary 12 year old, in its distinctive diamond shaped bottle, is a smooth, well-balanced deluxe blend with the mellowness expected from a top quality brand. Each whisky has a minimum age of 12 years, selected to combine all the strengths and subtleness of Scottish whisky at its best. It is simply a superlative dram.

Antiquary 12 Year Old - Tasting Notes

At the heart of The Antiquary is a very high malt to grain ratio of the finest malts from Speyside and Highland distilleries. Their complex, classical and fruity flavours are balanced by Lowland malt, which adds gentleness to the profile.

Thus is the geographical spectrum of Scotland’s whisky industry captured in a single bottle of The Antiquary.

The Nose
The excellent balance of fruity and malty aromas reflects the significant use of fine Speyside malts in this blend.

The Taste
The subtle fruitiness contains a hint of apples. The outstanding smoothness, depth of flavour and long aftertaste is the result of exceptionally high malt content.


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