Luxardo Sambuca dei Cesari

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38% - 70 cl

Country of Origin: Italy


Italy too has its anise based national liqueur: Sambuca. It is a sweet and strong liqueur, containing essential oils obtained by steam distilling the seeds of star anise, which are soluble in pure alcohol. A concentrated solution of sugar and other natural aromas are added to this.
Already known and appreciated in ancient times for its therapeutic properties, the anise plant, originating from China, became widespread through the centuries in the countries of the Mediterranean coast, where it became widely used for preparing typical dishes and desserts.
The word Sambuca derives from the Arab word Zammut (= anise).The word "zammù" still exists in the Sicilian dialect, meaning an anise drink diluted with water


Colour: Clear.
Perfume: typical of sambuca, has a very intense aroma.
Taste: sharp but well balanced, very rounded, with the anise taste persisting in the mouth.

Serving suggestions

Neat, Frozen, Flaming, On the rocks , "Con la mosca" (3 coffee beans in the glass)


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