Connemara No age - Irish Whiskey - Whisky by mail orderPrice: £31.99

40% vol - 70 cl

Taste guide: 8210

Inspired by the distillers of scenic Connemara region in the West of Ireland who used peat extensively due to the abundance of peat in the region, Cooley is the only Irish distiller to make Peated Single Malt. This process results in the whiskey having a distinctive smokey/peaty signature that has recently been more associated with Scottish whiskey from the island of Islay. Connemara manages to retain the smoothness and sweetness of an Irish whiskey accompanied with the distinct smokiness from the peat creating a truly unique Irish whiskey.


Nose:   Smokey peatiness balanced by hints of honey and dried fruits.

Taste:   Silky smooth with a honey sweet start, followed by malt and fruit flavours giving way to full bodied peat.

Finish:   Long and glorious with golden honey notes and a deep peaty finish.

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