Tenuta Monticello Rosso 'Operetta' 2008

Tenuta Monticello Rosso 'Operetta' Italian Red Wine.  Buy Wine OnlinePrice: £7.80

13.5% - 75cl

GRAPES: 70% Corvina, 20% Rondinella 10% Cabernet Sauvignon

VINEYARD AREA: The grapes are selected form low-yielding vineyards near the town of San Pietro in Cariano, in the province of Verona. The grapes are inter-planted and trained using the typical pergola Veronese and Guyot methods.

HARVEST: The grapes are carefully picked by hand in early October. The vineyards are picked over and over again, with workers selecting only those bunches at the perfect stage of maturity.

APPASSIMENTO: Approximately 30% of the grapes are laid to dry in well aerated lofts in small crates of 2 kg each. The 'drying room' is kept at a constant humidity of 50% and at a controlled temperature of 20-25░C. The grapes remain in 'appassimento' for 70 to 80 days, where they lose 35% of their original weight due to dehydration.

VINIFICATION: The grapes which are not left to dry follow a simple red wine vinification process. After de-stemming, the grapes are not crushed, allowing them to remain intact, reducing damage to the skins and optimizing color extraction. Fermentation takes place at a controlled temperature of 25-26░C for 8-10 days. Frequent remontage and delestage are carried out in the early stages of fermentation in order to achieve soft extraction of aromas and gentle tannins. After racking, malolactic bacteria are added to induce a second fermentation.  Following the 'appassimento', the dried grapes are vinified separately and using the same method.

BLENDING: Blending is carried out following the vinification and consists of approximately 30% of the 'appassito' wine and 70% of the regularly vinified wine.

Intense ruby-red color, with a complex bouquet reminiscent of prunes, cherries and redcurrants.
The oak ageing adds a pleasant roasted and spicy aroma. On the palate, it is full-bodied, supple and well-balanced with a long finish.

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