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Whisky Galore Pure Malt is a vatting of the finest Single Malts selected from each of Scotland's prime Whisky producing regions. These malt whiskies have been matured over many years in top class sherry and plain wood casks and together they create the magnificent Whisky Galore Pure Malt.

This is a celebration of the glorious legend of Whisky Galore and is an excellent addition to the existing range of Single Malts.

The Legend of Whisky Galore

The famous tale of how a group of Scottish islanders raided a shipwreck for its consignment of 24,000 cases of whisky has grown into a legend.  But the wreck of the ship that became the inspiration for one of Britain's best-loved films was carrying something far more valuable.  Official files released recently by the Public Records Office show that it was not just spirits that disappeared - but a substantial sum of hard cash.

The SS Politician sank off the Scottish Island of Eriskay in 1941 and eight years later the film Whisky Galore recounted the story of how the locals raced to retrive the ship's liquid cargo, hiding the bottles before the excise men could find them. But as well as whisky, the Politician was carrying eight cases of currency to the West Indies and the United States. In all, there were nearly 290,000 ten-shilling notes, which would be worth the equivalent of several million pounds at today's prices.

Although the Crown Agents, who were supplying the notes to the colonial administration in Jamaica, were confident they would not get into circulation, for years they kept turning up at banks around the world.

In April 1941 Captain E. Lauriston, who was in charge of the salvage operation noted that there were reports of banknotes from the wreck turning up on Benbecula.  The Crown Agents were not concerned, noting in a memorandum : "the local police service is in no doubt on a very, very small scale but the nature of the place and its surroundings should tend to reduce the chances of serious loss through the notes being presented and paid."

The following month, however, an empty cash case was found abandoned in the hold of the ship. By June of that year the notes, were turning up in bank branches as far away as Liverpool. By mid July, 168 had been tendered in Jamacia and 141 in Britain.

By 1958, the Crown Agents reported that 211,267 notes had been recovered by the salvage company or Scottish police and had been destroyed.

A further 2,329 had been presented in banks in England, Scotland, Ireland, Switzerland, Malta, Canada, the United States and Jamacia, of which only 1,509 were thought to have been presented in good faith. But that still left 76,404 notes which were never accounted for and whose fate remains unknown.


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