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46% vol - 70 cl

Chapter 6 - 3 year old Single Malt Whisky

Chapter 6 - 3yr old Single Malt Whisky 

An unpeated whisky, made by Iain Henderson. This is the first single malt whisky to be available to the public. Matured solely in Bourbon casks, it is a great reflection on the wonderful work done at the the distillery and a real hint of things to come. Bottled at 46% and non chilfiltered.


The distillery produced its first 'run' in November 2006 and it was with much excitement and with an enormous sense of achievement that the first barrel of 'St. George's whisky' was filled. It now produces on average 13 casks a week, building up a good stock of delicious English Malt Spirit. The Spirit has to sit in barrels for 3 years before it can be called 'whisky'.

The distillery sits on the banks of the river Thet just off the A11 between East Harling and Roudham on the B1111.



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