Laphroig Pot Stills

Laphroig Pot Stills by Ian Gray - Buy Wine and Whisky OnlinePrice: £75.00

Born in Hamilton, Scotland in 1966, Ianís family have a tradition in creating and working with the arts. Second son to an engineer/draftsman and inventor, his mother being a talented kilt maker, both grandparents were highly skilled, his grandfather created wonderful sculptures and pottery, while his grandmother was a painter, creating scores of designs for pottery.

Known for his Scottish landscapes and paintings of Scottish and American distilleries, Ian works with photography, oils and impasto to create photorealism with a twist.Commissions for his work hang in the Scotch Malt Whisky Society in Edinburgh, Ardbeg Distillery, Glenfarclas Distillery and the George Washington Museum at Mount Vernon,Virginia. His collectors include Glenmorangie, Citibank, The American Distillers Council, State of Singapore, BYC Germany and many private collectors.

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