Luxardo Limoncello

Luxardo Limoncello - Buy Spirits OnlinePrice: £16.26

27% - 70 cl

Country of Origin: Italy


Obtained from the infusion of lemon peels in alcohol, Limoncello is one of the most world-renowned Italian liqueurs. It stems from an ancient tradition which enhances the natural aroma and fresh taste of lemons from southern Italy.


Colour: intensely yellow
Perfume: the pungent fragrance of newly gathered lemons
Taste: well-rounded and harmonious, a pleasant sensation of aromatic freshness on the palate. 

Serve Limoncello at room temperature or cold as a "digestivo" drink, or watered down as an aperitif. On the rocks, it is an unbeatable "digestivo". With the addition of tonic water, it is a pleasant thirst-quencher. Excellent with champagne or sparkling wine for preparing long-drinks. Very pleasant on ice-creams, fruit salad or strawberries.

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