Benromach Organic

Benromach Organic - Scotch Whisky - Buy Speyside Whisky OnlinePrice: £ (to be updated, please contact us for details).

43% - 40 cl

Benromach Organic is the first bottled single malt to be fully certified by The Soil Association. The whole process - raw ingredients, distillation, maturation and bottling - is certified organic to rigorous standards. Using pure spring water from the nearby Romach Hills and the finest organic barley, Benromach Organic is made by experienced distillers, personally ensuring only the highest quality spirit is filled into hand selected virgin American oak casks. The virgin American oak casks are made of wood from environmentally managed forests.

Without water

Nose: Sweet, charred oak aromas with fresh fruit notes (bananas and pineapples). An earthy, toasted aroma also present.

Palate: Sweet, vanilla and toffee flavours. Hints of green apples and orange peel with a rich resinous note.

With water

Nose: Sweet with malty aromas. A perfumed note emerges. The fruitiness remains - peaches and pears. Sweetness develops into cream toffees.

Palate: Malty with sweet oak flavours. Hints of drier fruit - sultanas and raisins.

Temporarily out of stock and price to be updated, but please Contact us to order.

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